Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Oil Change

View from my car when I got my oil change.
Here's a sketch I did from inside my car at my last oil change at Jiffy on Douglas). Having my car serviced is a very stressful event for me because I don't have a mechanic I know and trust yet. I had Glen from the Esso on Menzies Street a few years ago but he's gone and I can't find where he moved. (It just occurred to me that I could hire a private investigator to find him. Would that be weird?)

I bought this amazing 2004 Pontiac Sunfire a few years ago. It was a private sale and it had less than 25000km. It has $50000km now. I want it always to be reliable and to last forever. (Yep, I'm gonna be driving this in the vintage car parade when I'm 105). So I go through the manual and look for the manufacturer recommended service. Then I do a lot of online research. Then I ask everybody I know what they think. I journal a lot about it and even meditate on the whole thing. Then I go to a place like Jiffy and spend like 3 times more than I should. I just don't want to skimp and regret it.

What about tires? Mine look like new and they always check them when I go for an oil change. Of course they're not worn down at all because I only have 50000clicks on them. But do tires have a "best before" date regardless of their use. I mean they're rubber? Doesn't rubber dry out and begin to crumble in time even without use.

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