Saturday, November 29, 2014

Copying Masters Works

Sometimes I see a masters work that I love and must copy. In my opinion copying great paintings is a learning experience that improves my own sense of design. Here are some of my copies of Masters works I've done in the past few years. Some I did on my own while others I did at Paul Peregal's Masters Class at the Victoria College of Art (Also known as the Bank Street School).  I highly recommend this course and the Bank Street School overall. If you study art there you will leave with great drawing and painting skills. They also have an illustration and animation program. (I would really like to do animation). When I studied there I felt like I had entered an Ashram of Art Creation. If you haven't been there do check it out. Even the building is wonderful. It's a very old school with 15 foot ceilings and windows. In the winter they cover the windows with bubble wrap to keep the heat in. This makes it feel rather like an aquarium.

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