Sunday, January 4, 2015

Montreal musee des beaux arts

I went to the exhibit at the Musee yesterday. The exhibition VanGogh to Kandanski is on. I was so humbled and inspired. My heart just pounded with excitement.  It was everything I could do to control myself. (One doesn't ever want to get on the wrong side of the musee security)
I could spot the artists among the crowd. They were the ones that get too close. Studying the burst strokes. Analyzing the technique. Looking beyond the top layers to discover the underpainting. They take too many photographs, even having the gall to snap a pic on works thst don't permit photos. They also get in the way of others viewing. After a while these out of control artists fall under the attention of security. 
I love watching the crowd. People of all ages come to see the art treasures so generously shared by the legal owners of these wonderful works. Theyre excited too. We're all becoming enriched in a way that for want of a better word is spiritual.
I always buy a VIP Plus membership to the musee. It is a pass that allows me to come and go without waiting in line for a ticket. And I can bring a friend. I can return to the exhibitions several times. I cannot just look once. I must go often to look again to really have a closer look. It's exhausting. Impossible to do in just one day.  It's my favorite thing to do in Montreal other than paint. The VIP plus membership is well worth the price. In fact it's the best deal in town.

If you notice a crookedly hung painting at the Musee never EVER attempt to straighten it.

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