Friday, June 27, 2014

The Perfect Family

Possible composition in charcoal on parcel paper

I decided on this one because the other made the mischievous cat the focus too much. Charcoal on parcel paper. 20x30. Actual size of the painting.

Under Painting. On Canvas.
Painting in Progress. I want to do something better with the background and the bird doesn't have a good likeness to the photo reference. 
Here's my current work in progress.  In case you're interested. I was originally going to have the cat looking up at the bird but the photograph didn't quite show the cat's eyes. But I think I will use the gesture in a future painting. It's just so cute.
What a difference a little more effort goes. I got the inspiration from a love seat from the library at the Fairmont Empress Hotel when I was artist in resident. I used the same loveseat  in a painting I did of Chef's two lovely daughters. Here's that painting FYI

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